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2018 Lark in the Park Events

2018 Catskills Lark in the Park – planning calendar Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Because our goal is to reach as large an audience as possible, we ask that events begin no earlier than 9 AM and end by 5 PM. Link to event proposal form. September 29 9AM | Leave No Trace […]

Cycle Woodstock | Saturday, October 8, 9 AM **2016**

Join Billy Denter and the folks at Overlook Mountain Bicycles for a ride around the scenic Catskills. The trip is 20 – 25 miles long on various local routes and takes about 2 hours. The steady pace of around 12 mph means the ride is moderately difficult (C+).  After the ride, complimentary coffee and pastries […]

Cycle Woodstock | Saturday, October 1, 9 AM **2016**

Join Billy Denter and the folks at Overlook Mountain Bicycles for a ride around the scenic Catskills. The trip is 20 – 25 miles long on various local routes and takes about 2 hours. The steady pace of around 12 mph means the ride is moderately difficult (C+).  After the ride, complimentary coffee and pastries […]

From Beaver Pond to Hemlock Ravine: “Nature Walking” in Kelly Hollow | Tuesday. October 4, 10 AM **2016**

Join Heather Rolland of the Catskill 3500 Club, and Ian Dunn, NYS DEC forester, on an old-fashioned nature walk. You’ll learn tips for identifying the various types of trees common in the Catskills, as well as wildflower and foraging information, wildlife signs, the human history of the place, and other fun and fascinating facts about […]

Mountain Bike the Elm Ridge Trail Network with Fats in the Cats | Sunday, October 2, 10 AM **2016**

An intermediate/advanced level mountain bike ride that will cover all the trails in the Elm Ridge trail network. Riders should be familiar with singletrack riding and have a mountain bike in good working order. Helmets are required and riders should carry plenty of water, snack, a spare tube and appropriate tools. Bring lunch and a […]

Peripatetic Perambulation Kingston, NY | Wednesday, October 5, 9 AM **2016**

Walk from the Stockade District to Kingston Point via the Rondout in Kingston, NY – an important historic gateway to the Catskills. Connecting waterfront parks, cemeteries, old factories and lots of historic sites. 8-12 miles at a moderately brisk pace. Event Duration:  11 miles, 6 hours Level of Difficulty:  Moderate, due to length Leader(s):  Craig […]

Troutoberfest | Saturday, October 8, 9 AM **2016**

A two day fly fishing event held in Roscoe, NY on Saturday October 8th and Sunday October 9th. This year will include guest fly tyers, presentations, free beginner fly fishing classes, fly tying classes, on the water instruction, and more. This is a great opportunity for fly fishers of all experience levels, or people just […]

Landscape Archaeology and Archaeoastronomy Workshop and Hike | Saturday, October 8, 10 AM **2016**

Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation and Hike covering the mysterious stone constructions found throughout the Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley. These include cairns, walls, perched boulders, standing stones, chambers and effigies, such as turtles and snakes. Could some be more ancient than conventionally thought and atributed to the native population? Could there be more to the story […]

Tortoise and Hare Hike | Sunday, October 9, 1 PM **2016**

Tortoise and Hare Hike: Pick the hike length that best fits you! This woodland hike offers two choices for beginner and intermediate hikers. “Tortoises” will enjoy a 2.2-mile loop around scenic Frick Pond, and the “Hares” will enjoy a brisk 4.1 mile hike. Both groups will head out together; then the Hares veer off halfway […]

Shallow Water Aerobics at the Catskill Recreation Center | Wednesday, October 5, 6 PM **2016**

Come Join us at the Catskill Recreation Center for a free shallow water aerobics class. This class is for beginners/ intermediate water exercisers. Event Duration:  1 hour Level of Difficulty:  Easy-Moderate Leader(s):  Rhayla Hart, Sponsored by Catskill Recreation Center Bring:  Bathing suit, towel, shampoo and soap Registration required by October 4.  Use registration form below […]

Outdoor Spinning at the Catskill Recreation Center | Monday, October 3, 9:15 AM **2016**

Join us outside the Catskill Recreation Center for a 45 minute Spin Class with views of the surrounding Catskill foliage. This class is appropriate for beginners/ intermediate spinners. Free and open to the public, but class size is limited so sign up early. A tour of the Catskill Recreation Center Facilities is available after class. […]

Fishing the Esopus with Trout Unlimited | Friday, October 7, 8 AM **2016**

The Esopus Creek is one of the iconic Catskill flyfishing streams. Learn when, where, and how to fish the Esopus Creek. Hosted by ” Ashokan-Pepacton” Chapter #559 of Trout Unlimited. Event Duration:  4 hours Level of Difficulty:  Easy Leader(s):  Bert Leifeld Jr., Sponsored by Ashokan-Pepacton Trout Unlimited Bring: lunch,  Fishing equipment, including fly rod, flies, […]

Trails & Rail Trails in the Catskill Park | Sunday, October 2, 4 PM **2016**

Find out more about the hiking trails and multiple purpose trails (“rail trails”) that criss-cross and connect the mountains and valleys of the Catskill Park and share information about your favorite hikes and places to visit in the Catskills. Event Duration:  1 hour Level of Difficulty:  Easy Leader(s):  Kathy Nolan, Sponsored by Catskill Mountainkeeper Registration […]

Dating Native American Forest Fires with Mountain Laurel | Monday, October 3, 9:45 AM **2016**

Join Dr. Michael Kudish, forest historian, for this look back into the Catskills’ distant past. One Catskill Mountain Club officer reported a mountain laurel thicket along the Finger Lakes Trail on the west ridge of Campbell Mountain. We will try to find this thicket and measure its size and growth rate. Then we will estimate […]

Shavertown Trail | Friday, October 7, 9:30 AM **2016**

A moderate hike suitable for families and novice hikers leads to a spectacular view of the Pepacton Reservoir and a scenic pond where we will have a short yoga session. No mats needed. The trail passes through wildflower meadows and the crystal clear pond has pink and white water lilies in season. Event Duration:  5.3 […]

Acra Point Loop | Monday, October 3, 9:30 AM **2016**

This loop hike climbs to the Escarpment Trail and then to Acra Point. Offering spectacular views of the Blackhead Range and the Hudson Valley, this relatively short hike gives a big reward for the effort. We will have a short yoga stretch at viewpoint(s). Event Duration:  5 miles, 857 elevation Level of Difficulty:  Moderate-Difficult Bring:  […]

Weather Station Hike | Wednesday, October 7, 1 PM **2015**

Join Karen Rauter of Roundout Neversink Sream Management.  Meet at Neversink Town Hall and we will hike to one of NYC’s weather monitoring stations nearby. This is a hike of moderate length (2mi) with steep pitches. Glenn Horton will explain how snow pack help’s the water supply managers determine how much drinking water will flow […]

River Restoration Project Tour | Friday, October 9, 9 AM **2015**

CANCELLED due to weather. Join Karen Rauter of the Rondout Neversink Stream Program for an on site presentation about stream management work in the Catskills. We will meet at Claryville Church Hall on County Road 19, Claryville and drive to three completed stream restoration project sites within 2 miles to learn about best management practices […]

Rochester Hollow Mushroom Walk | Friday, October 9, 2 – 4 PM **2015**

— This Event is Full, Registration is closed — Join us for a special mushroom walk on the Rochester Hollow Trail in Big Indian (NY/NJ Trail Conference map #142, I-5). Learn to identify mushrooms, their functions and uses with mycologist John Michelotti, founder of Catskill Fungi in Big Indian, NY. The Rochester Hollow Trail follows a stream through […]

Vernooy Falls Hike | Sunday, October 11, 11 AM **2015**

Join New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Forester Ian Dunn for a scenic daytime hike into Vernooy Falls on Sunday, October 11th. Experience the beauty and sounds of the relaxing waterfalls along the Vernooy Kill. Learn about the history of early settlers and their use of the stream and lands while eating lunch at […]